Founded in 1951 by Cavaliere Achille Maramotti; it began with couture clothing in 1947 and from there it only grew, Cavaliere had a vision for the Max Mara Group. Inspired from previous generations including his great grandmother Marina Rinaldi. Marina owned and managed a major workshop (what a boss lady) in Reggio Emila. It’s always been about attention to detail for this family, it was passed down to Fontanesi Maramotti, Marina’s granddaughter. Marina taught herself patternmaking and the intricacies of various sewing styles in 1925, she showcased a series dedicated solely to the “theory of cutting”.

Max Mara. A name with a ring to it, and one that is easy to pronounce in every language. “Mara” came from his surname, while “Max” referred to Count Max, a local character who was seldom sober but always stylish, which is a beautiful tale in itself. Max Mara is now one of the most prestigious international fashion houses worldwide, declaring their style as ‘modern ready-to-wear’. This high class brand is recognised all over the world and has single branded stores in major cities such as; Milan, Paris, London, Moscow, New York, Tokyo, as well as South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Australia, Brazil and China.

It’s Italian fashion at its finest .The love of tailoring and dedication to beautiful designs is deep rooted, which is why we’re so delighted to announce our new collection of Max Mara eyewear at such affordable prices.

The style of our range is sensational. We have the ‘never go out of style’ tortoiseshell, both extreme and subtle cat eyes silhouettes, minimalistic metals, accompanied by the professional yet chic boss lady frames —which really do demand attention. If you’re feeling bold we have the heavier frames Max Mara 1390s, or if you’re feeling ‘light and angelic there’s the Max Mara 1415s, which as Goldielocks would say, are ‘just right’!

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