Nord Lite Glasses

So what is Nord Lite? It’s the only option if you’re looking for that Scandi noir finesse. And when it comes to specs, who isn’t? 

Our Low Cost Glasses collection of Nord Light glasses are a picture of understated style. Before you start scrolling, we’ll give you a quick rundown of what you can expect. That is, other than a selection of intense stares and quiet dialogue prompted by your Scandi drama aesthetic. But anyway, we digress.

Let’s start with the shapes, shall we? Nord Lite is all about edges – and that’s in rectangles or squares. If you’re not here to look literally edgy, you’re in the wrong place, fella. We’ve got soft edges, hard edges, edgy edges, cut out edges, heavy top rims in semi-rimless frames (which are fabulous if you’re into the retro look), slender full frames, thick full frames. It’s the whole understated selection!

And now, for the colours. As you might expect, this is all about muted tones and pastel colours. Think pale greens and blues and sultry burgundys. Think two tones and ambres and mocha brown and fierce monochromes and chiseled crystal and ravishing in red and bold and popping in pink and smoky purple. You’ll basically be walking around looking as dramatic as a sunset and as cool as a bucket of ice. And, baby, could you ask for any more?

Oh and did we mention the handsome prices? Every frame is just £30! What an absolute bargain, ey? Get yourself through the virtual try on and see for yourself.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.