Oxydo Glasses

The innovators of eyewear. Their designs are an expression of shape, chic and pizazz. The Italian brand are new kids on the luxury eyewear block and, launching in just 2001, they’ve caused a splash in the market in less than 20 years! Their style is boldly smart and varied i.e. there will be at least one pair that’s “totally you” and probably another pair that makes you think, “yikes”. Self-described as wearable sculptures, they do just that. A perfect brand to be photographed in (great news for you influencers out there) and even better for emitting that air of sophistication.

Our low-cost collection focuses on men’s frames in a spectrum of shapes and colours. The hard-edged rectangle is the hero of the range with cameos from some wider frames to help you nail that Clarke Kent vibe. Whether you’re looking to turn heads with thick, dark frames or add a touch of excitement with a deep red ombre, our Oxydo collection is a great one to choose.

We’ve got slender frames, thick frames, matte frames or your classic gold and silver. Go from smart matte black to tortoiseshell to popping purple in a single glance! Whatever look you’re going for, Oxydo can cater to you and for under £70! Blimey, good news indeed.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.