Pierre Cardin Glasses

It’s all about Pierre. The Italian designer famous for his bold silhouettes, geometric shapes and experimental designs has flourished in a career that’s spanned over six decades! After taking the lead at Dior’s fashion house in the 1940s, he launched his own eponymous brand which has led us to trends like mod chic, the bubble dress (whether we should thank him or not for this remains to be seen) and early androgyny. Described as having a “fierce appetite for experimentation”, Cardin’s unique eye is inspired by everything around him, from everyday encounters to the NASA space programme!

With such far-reaching inspiration, it’s no surprise that his eyewear is a sight to behold (get it?). What may look like a standard collection of glasses gets more and more wacky and wonderful as you scroll down the page until eventually, you’re looking at transparent purple soft-edged frames.

And that’s not all. We start subtle, chic and understated with slender frames in gold, silver and gunmetal. This is in a selection of variations on the classic oval frame, But then the ovals start to narrow, edges begin to form, the ovals become hexagons, the slender frames become standout reds, bright but dusty pink, tortoiseshell, dramatic rectangles, Mad Max type glasses. It would be a CARDIN-al sin not to peruse through Pierre’s eyewear. And at all less than £70, you have no excuse to miss out on our low-cost marvels.

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