Timberland Glasses

Founded in 1920s Boston and immortalised by its iconic tree logo, Timberland has been and will probably always remain unthinkably cool. Characterised by their rugged chic footwear designs, Timberland was one of the first brands to transform practical outdoor-wear into top drawer fashion staples. But don’t tell the wearers. After all, being stylish isn’t as cool as being windswept, brooding with puzzlement, mysterious or alluring, right? The brand has been especially popularised in the music industry being endorsed by the likes of Anderson Paak., Pharrell and now (hopefully) you.

Anyway, let’s talk frames. Our selection caters to all. Whether you’re about the thick wide frames to look intellectual and suave or the barely-there frames to nail that air of mystery. We’ve got frames to suit all ages, aesthetics and complexions. If you’re more into the slender finish, we have gold and silver frames for your perusal. But if you believe you’ve been put on this earth to cause a splash of glorious attention, scroll down to see what’s on offer. It’s a rainbow of colours and fun times.

Gentlemen, be restricted by monochrome no more. Only a true powerhouse could don the bright green, the dusty blue, the tortoiseshell arms, the two-tones, the matte space grey, the aviator with a top bar finish. And a true powerhouse you are – we just know it. Want to know the icing on the cake? All of our low-cost Timberland glasses are less than £100. Imagine that! In fact, don’t imagine. Get scrolling right away! We look forward to seeing what piques your fancy.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.