Truth Glasses & Frames

The devil is in the detail, or so they say. We actually think the attention to detail in this stunning new eyewear collection from Truth is nothing short of heavenly.

From delicate gemstone designs to intricate cut-away metal, knots and twists; each pair is completely unique, with a touch of that Signature Truth style. And the choice is mind-boggling.

To start with, of course, there’s a choice of frame: full-frame, half-frame and no-frame. Nothing unusual there. But then there’s the shapes: rectangular, rounded and cat-eye, as well as rounded-rectangular, rectangular-cat-eye and rounded-rectangular-cat-eye. And yes, they are all different. From smooth curves to geometric angles, there’s something to suit everyone. I mean, is a glasses collection even a real glasses collection if you can’t use the phrases ‘geek-chic’ andgold-rimmed’?!

When it comes to colours, there’s a whole rainbow to choose from. There’s red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue. See, we weren’t kidding. (There’s also burgundy, black, white, silver and gold, but rather annoyingly, we couldn’t get them to work with the song.)

Last but not least, there are prints-aplenty with leopard print, giraffe print and tortoiseshell. Throw in a parrot and you’ve got yourself a scene from Doctor Dolittle.

Made using luxurious materials including high quality acetates, metals and stones, the Truth collection is sophisticated, glamorous and distinctive. And that’s no lie.

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