Versace Glasses

Gianni Versace, the legend that was. His luxury Italian fashion house made a splash when it came to prominence in the 1970s. Its iconic logo, the head of Medusa, could not be apter. You too, with a pair of our low-cost Versace glasses, could turn your onlookers to an awe-induced paralysis with a single glance through such sultry frames.

Versace became known as the Rock and Roll designer, dressing prominent and bold musicians such as Elton John. He was also responsible for J-Lo’s iconic 00s green dress (if you don’t know the one we mean, where were you?! Give it a Google immediately) that turned all she spoke to a daze of delight. So iconic was THE green dress that it prompted Google to create the image search tool after the internet was stormed by the world trying to find pictures evidence! If there was ever a definition of the world slay, it is this.

This year’s MET Gala was awash with Versace designs – feathers, jewels, glittering fringing, headpieces and more. Versace’s fashion house is a firm pillar of the world of fashion and his head-turning designs continue to turn heads across the globe. And his eyewear is no different. Our collection is small but fabulous. Two pairs, both wide-frame fancies. One in light pink, the other in black with fuschia arms. And both for under £150! Whether the look that you’re after is bold or dreamy, Versace has you covered.

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