Oval Glasses

Ever wanted to write an ode to an oval? Well, you’re not the only one. Trust us. This understated eyeglass shape has been a popular pick for generations on generations. They are truly the versatile choice. Whatever your style and whatever your reason for wearing glasses (to look studious in meetings, to look like Jane Eyre when you read on the bus or to look intellectual on the San Antonio strip), you’ll find an oval frame that’s EXACTLY what you were looking for.

Our collection at Low Cost Glasses is a sight to behold. Sure, we’re biased, but once you’ve seen for yourself, you won’t disagree with our claims.

Are you into the vintage Victorian era look? We’ve got some gorgeous gold frames that will help you nail that aesthetic. What about the early noughties bugeye thick framed look? What do you know, we’ve got a frame for that too. Multiple in fact, and in a plethora of shades and colours. How about an understated soft-edged oval-rectangle? (You’d better know that that’s a legitimate shape.) We’ve got that too! OK, last one. How about a Top Gun aviator finish? You guessed it. The answer is an abso-darnded-lutely.

Whether you want your glasses to quietly complement your face or you want them to make a statement about your sparkling personality, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our oval frame selection.

And did we hear you cry, “How much, though?” It’s a good question, and we’re sincerely pleased that you asked. You could get this and more for less than £80 per pair! That’s for the branded pairs, the designer pairs (think Guess, Kookai, Jimmy Choo, Vera Wang…) – and some of our frames are even buy one get one free.

What are you waiting for? Time’s a ticking. Get scrolling right away!

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