Round Glasses

Round round baby round round spend the night on meeeeeee. If only the Sugababes (2nd generation) knew that their lyrics would fit so seamlessly into eyeglasses content. A missed opportunity for them, we’re certain.

Welcome to our Low Cost Glasses round frames. This is exactly where you need to be right now. Round glasses are, without a doubt, the frame of right this moment. Dare we say helped along by young Harry Potter? Perhaps that’s not the aesthetic you were going for. Maybe it’s James Dean that you’re channelling. Arguably cooler, although Hazza is no less iconic.

Anywho, we digress. We’re here to talk about our plethora of round-shaped glasses. Whether you’re looking for thick dramatic frames, slender metallics, small statement lenses, or wide geek chic frames, we’ve got something to suit you perfectly. And if we do say so ourselves, we’re the masters of colour. Did someone say 50 shades of fab? Guilty! We said it ourselves.

The round frame is ideal for the tortoiseshell look, and we have plenty from which to choose. Classic tortoiseshell, purples, pinks, yellows and blues. We’ve got ambres, two-tones, crystal, sultry monochromes, the works! Take a peruse through our brands and designers. They’re enough to make you exclaim, “Wowee, what a selection!”

From Vera Wang to Versace to Yves Saint Laurent, from Kookai to Party Eyes to Benetton. Read enough to get you pumped for the scroll? Of course you have. So what are you waiting for? Get your blinkers over our tantalisingly low cost selection.

Oh yeah, did we mention that they’re all £60 or less?

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.