Square Glasses

“Urgh, don’t be such a square,” said literally no one ever when referring to our Low Cost Glasses selection of square frames. Why is that, you wonder? Well, not only are they tantalisingly stylish but our selection rivals none. Almost 200 styles to choose from no less!

If it’s designers you’re into, we’ve got you covered. From Versace to Vera Wang to Alexander McQueen to YSL to Guess to Marc Jabobs and more. If you’re not into the flashy labels, take a look through the branded frames. Benetton to Bench to Kookai to Sacred to Elite and, you guessed it, even more.

What is it about the square frame that makes it so popular? Well, some (made up) science behind it is that they suit a lot of face shapes, making them a very versatile choice and one in which you can take a few more stylistic risks. What do we mean by that? Here’s a quick rundown of the types of styles we have.

We’re not just talking your standard slender frame metallics or even your wide frame geek chic look, we’re talking tortoiseshell brow bars, pink half rims, Malcolm X heavy half rims, massive aviators, cat eye edges, narrow statement gold glasses, ambres and two tone shades, bright greens, calming blues, rimless for peering over, heavy frames to nail that Edna Mode aesthetic.

Whatever you’re looking for whatever your style, we’ve got a square-shaped frame that is totally you. And did we mention that they’re all less than £100 AND that some of them are buy one get one free? It’s a true story – and one to spread.

Get yourself scrolling through right away!

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