Rimless Glasses

Keep it cool, keep it rimless. That’s a saying, right? Well, even if it isn’t, it should be. Rimless glasses are maybe the coolest, most demure choice you could make. The boldest statement, but made quietly.

You may recognise rimless glasses from the early noughties when A-listers wore them to film premieres to showcase their intellectual sides. Brad and Jen were among the earliest advocates – and so too could you be! They are a timeless choice, whatever shape you choose. The barely-there aesthetic is a bold one, with no frames to hide behind. But they’re sure to win you stylistic points with your, we’re certain, adoring fans.

We’ve got a selection of almost 40 frames to choose from. But, what variation is there with a rimless frame, we hear you muse? It’s a good question. Aside from the shape (oval, square, round, rectangle – you know, the standard selection that we’ve gone over before), the rimless glasses are all about the arms and bridge. And let us tell you, we’ve got options.

From a subtle pastel green to powder pink to gunmetal grey to coral to navy to baby blue to gold to silver to bronze to monochromes to cream to pale yellow. Some of our selection are even named. As in human names like Aurora – to channel your inner X-men – Ianthe, Cliff, Amaya, Linden. Have you ever met such an elegant bunch? We imagine not.

But you should get to know. Start scrolling straight away and those Auroras could be yours for just £50!

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