Semi Rimless Glasses

Not sure whether you should go full frame or rimless? Well lucky for you, semi-rimless is a thing. The perfect choice for the indecisive customer. Semi-rimless frames were a big fashion in the 1950s and 1960s. Think the Mad Men heavy top rim. They’re a great way to go for a bold colour without making too much of a brash statement.

Our collection is made up of almost 100 frames so you’ve got a big selection to choose from. Whether this is better or worse for an indecisive character is up for debate, but either way, the choice is there. We’ve got frames designed for all genders, all colour palettes and all face shapes. Is it an oval frame you want? We’ve got it. Are you after colourful rectangles? We’ve got that too. How about bold round frames or wide geek chic squares? Maybe even Top Gun/gen-Z influencer aviators? (Oh yeah, we went niche.) Well, you guessed it. We’ve got ‘em all!

Ready to talk colours? You were born ready. Are you into the solemn navy? Maybe black heavy frames with a coloured inner? Soft and powder pink or sand or beige? Gold or silver? Maybe even bronze? How about tortoiseshell, jazzy patterned corners, cut out corners, stripes, spots, a sporty finish? You don’t even need to ask. We have EVERYTHING.

So, ready to get involved? Wait, what? You’re not convinced? OK, let this push you over the line. Did we mention that a lot of our frames are buy one get one free and you’ll not pay more than £100 for a plethora of brands and designers? Our bad. We should have said at the start. Anyway, we’ll see you at the checkout, right?

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.