Women’s Frame Colours

You’re all about the colour pop aesthetic. We know it, you know it, and that’s exactly how you find yourself here at our Low Cost Glasses filter to shop by colour in women’s specs. Well, we’re here for it, sista.

We should say at this point that if you find yourself without a female visage but you’re at this section and wondering whether to navigate away, we beg of you to stay. We don’t discriminate in these parts so whatever your visage, we’re pretty sure we have a pair of specs that will change your life. Ready to put it to the test? You were born ready.

We’ll start with a lowkey name drop of our designers and brands. We’re talking kooky in Kookai (bang – it’s a bold beginning), timeless in Timberland, marvellous in Marc Jacobs and in Alexander McQueen, vivacious in Versace, alluring in Yves Saint Laurent, banging in Baseline, popping in Party Eyes, tantalising in Tokyo Tom, gorgeous in Guess, elegant in Escada, ravishing in Oscar de la Renta and more!

And then we’ve got the descriptors you’ve been waiting for. We hear you cry now, “Tell us about the blooming colours!”. And blooming they certainly are. We’re talking brooding in burgundy, blushing in dusty pink, popping in hot pink and fuschia, warm and chocolate brown, ironic in whites, tantalising in tortoiseshell – and this is in the classic brown and beige, the fiery amber flecks and pinks and purples and greens and more! Then we’ve got grassy green specs, ocean blue nifters, crystal clear for the startup founder vibe. We’ve got it all for you!

Ready to get perusing?

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