Women’s Blue Glasses

Feeling blue? Well you won’t be after you see this gorgeous collection. Our blue frame Low Cost Glasses specs are to die for. They’ll literally give you that beach chill energy, as if looking through them, you’ll get the sensation of staring into the ocean deep. It’s true. Even if you go for one of the more sombre shades like navy of grey blue, the moment that they’re on your marvellous visage, you’ll sigh a big sigh of relief and think wow. Now I’m relaxed.

So, want to hear what we’ve got for you? Let’s start with the designers. Think wanglingly good in Vera Wang, guess how fabulous you’ll look in Guess, feel fierce in Fendi, feel expensive and antique in Faberge, look magnificent in Marc Jacobs, or  marvellous in Alexander McQueen, maybe kooky in Kookai or effortlessly cool in Kangol. Nail that Japanese minimalism in Tokyo Tom, or popping in Party Eyes.

Then we’ve got the styles. From full frame to rimless to all that’s in between (a.k.a semi-rimless), we’ve got these in wide, statement squares, in medium wide-frame rectangles, round frames, and gorgeous, dreamy ovals, cat eyes, aviators. We’ve also got two tones and cut outs and patterned sides and mottled finishes.

And how about turquoise or crystal blue or matte navy – ooh err – or even mojito blue. Oh yeah, that’s a real life shade. And all for such tantalisingly low costs, you’ll be laughing all the way from here through to the checkout.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.