Women’s Brown Glasses

A shade so gorgeous, you have no choice but to pronounce it brun. You know, like you’re in France? That’s the prevailing feeling that we’re getting from looking through our utterly fabulous brown frame Low Cost Glasses for the female face.

And don’t you want to be a part of it? Now, we should say briefly that even if you find yourself without a female visage, that’s not to say that these specs ain’t for you. They’re for everyone that’s daring enough to look a combination of fearless, devastating and slay-worthy to the max.

Is that you? You bet it is! Now, onto the details. Our extensive collection of over 100 pairs are exactly what you’ve been waiting for. We’re talking metallic browns, warm like chocolate browns, dark and sombre browns, two tone brown and blacks, brown and ambres, light beige, tortoiseshell, dark beige, mottled brown. The works!

And then let’s discuss the shapes. From slender rectangles to thick, wide rectangles. From ironic squares to edgy pentagons. From small round specs to big, nerdy round specs. From thick frames to slim frames to semi-rimless retro frames. Or if barely there is your aesthetic, why not give our rimless specs a go?

By the way, did we mention that we have a cornucopia of designers to make you swoon? Oh yes. We’re talking the big names like Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Versace, Faberge, Fendi, Kookai (remember them?), Morgan, Kangol, Tokyo Tom, Calvin Klein, Pierre Cardin, Vera Wang, Yves Saint Laurent

Quick! Delve in straight away. Bag yourself a bargain in brun right here, right now.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.