Crystal Women’s Glasses

Look into our crystal ball. Look deep into its mystical know how. What is it saying to you, sista? Is it saying that you should behold our gorgeous and alluring collection of Low Cost Glasses crystal frames for the female visage? Perhaps it’s telling you of your future and of the fierce looks that you’ll be serving after purchasing a deliciously low cost pair of specs from us?

However you interpret our metaphorical crystal ball, we’re pretty sure that we can confirm that great things are on your horizon. Like what, you wonder? Like our collection of fabulous crystal frame glasses. Big names like Pierre Cardin, popping in Party Eyes, fierce in Fendi, kooky in Kangol, magnificent in Marc Jacobs and much much more!

Oh, and you didn’t think that our crystal collection was exclusively neutral tones did you? Oh no, we’ve got ravishing reds, gorgeous grassy greens, mint greens, transparent burnt orange, sunshine yellow, two tones in black and clear, popping purples, dusty pinks, bright fuschia pinks, ambres, contrasting arms and patterned fronts. We’ve got all that you could want and need.

And then the shapes! My oh my, whether you’re looking for rectangular nifters or big oval specs, or small round glasses to nail the edgier than edgy finesse, maybe it’s big ironic squares that you want or barely there rimless specs with crystal clear arms, we’ve got it all, baby!

So, are you ready to start scrolling? Our crystal ball tells us that this could be the start of the rest of your life.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.