Women’s Grey Glasses

When you think of grey, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it a storm cloud so dramatic and tinged with lightning that you decide to immortalise it in the medium of oil paint? Or is it kind of chilled and laid back that’s somewhere between the drama of black and of white? However you see it, we bet that we can sort you out with something fabulous from our Low Cost Glasses grey specs for women collection.

Now, we should say as early as possible that if you find yourself without a female visage and you’re thinking, “Gosh, perhaps these specs aren’t meant for me?” then perish the thought. Our specs are for all and we’re here to encourage you to be bold and daring. The same kind of energy that encourages middle aged men to take their shirts off on the high street on a hot day like they’re cruising down the French riviera when they’re actually in the West Midlands walking through the bullring.

(Don’t pretend that this image doesn’t resonate.)

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, the fierce and fabulous pairs of specs. We’ve got big and brash full-frame specs, slender semi-rimless specs for the retro finesse, or we’ve got barely there rimless specs with statement grey arms. And then when it comes to the shades, 50 shades of grey would be an understatement. We’re talking charcoal grey, tortoiseshell grey, grey marl, mottled grey, marble grey, metallic grey, two-tone grey. The works!

And this is in marvellous in Marc Jacobs, kooky in Kookai, effortlessly classic in Kangol, magnificent in Alexander McQueen, fierce in Fendi, exquisite in Emporio Armani – and so much more. But we want you to see for yourself. Get scrolling and see what we’ve got! 

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.