Women’s Pink Glasses

Floral is your vibe. If we’re talking about what flowers you get to tart up your house, it’s always 50 shades of pink, the lesser known title. You just can’t get enough. Fuschias, powder pink, dusty pink, magenta, damson, crystal pink, candy floss candy stripes, frosty pink – you’ll take it all and more.

So when it comes to our Low Cost Glasses for the female visage, there’s only one question worth asking. “Do you have it in pink, hunny?”

Of course the answer is absolutely yes! We’ve got over fifty pairs of gorgeous nifters. From wide frame rectangles in gorgeous powder pink to two-tone thick rectangles in patterned pink and brown. Then we’ve got pink tortoiseshell in round frame specs or even wider round frames in a metallic, glossy magenta. We’ve got narrow rectangle glasses for peering over, and oval specs for looking deeply intellectual. We’ve even got pentagonal specs for looking edgy as heck (in the most literal sense of the word).

And then let’s discuss the brands and designers. Kooky in Kangol, tantalising in Tokyo Tom, wonderful in Vera Wang, keep us all guessing in Guess, keep it fabulous in Fendi, look gorgeous in Gant, go ravishing in Oscar de la Renta, keep it cool in Pierre Cardin, go vivacious in Versace, or marvellous in Alexander McQueen. We’ve got all you could possibly dream of to meet your pink and floral fantasies!

But now, the cherry on top, the price! You’ll pay no more than £100 and some are as low as £25. What an absolute bargain!

Go on. Dive in, girl. You’re sure to find something just sickeningly good.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.