Women’s Silver Glasses

Are you into the finer things? Would you describe yourself as a timeless classic? Have you ever considered getting a bust in your own image created in solid silver? Wow, girl. You’re not messing around here. Here’s a suggestion. Before you go big with the bust, how about starting with a pair of our Low Cost Glasses silver specs for women? It will give you a good idea of how your gorgeous visage would look enshrouded in silver. And they’re a pretty timeless look, wouldn’t you say?

Of course you would. You’re a person of haute style and finesse. Let’s get you introduced to our collection, shall we?

When it comes to the shapes, we’ve got a delicate collection. We’re talking wide frame rectangles, narrow rectangles for peering over, barely there rimless specs in round frames, ovals, cat eyes and more. Then we’ve got silver arms with a geometric cut out pattern (oh my!), or standard slender arms in a wide front frame lewk. We’ve got the classic Boy Who Lived aesthetic in our small, round-frame nifters. And more!

Then get a load of these designers. Ever heard of a little name called Pierre Cardin? How about a fierce and fabulous name like Fendi? And you must know this lowkey name Jimmy Choo? How about Escada? Or Elite? Or Kookai (remember Kookai?). We’ve got it all for you!

And when it comes to price, well. You’ll be laughing all the way through the checkout. You may even change your mind about the solid silver bust and prefer, instead, just to buy yourself as many pairs of Low Cost Glasses as you can fit on your devastating visage as a happy alternative? Up to you though, sista.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.