Women’s Tortoise Glasses

A tale as old as time. Why is it that the tortoise is so understated but fierce enough to win every race put against it? It’s of course a matter of timeless style. That’s basically what that metaphor is all about. Trust us on this. It’s pretty much asking us the question why do we use the phrase pink/orange/black/anything is the new black when we all know that slow and steady tortoiseshell will always win the race? It’s a question that we simply don’t have the words to answer right now. We’ve got a lot to get through in but 250 words of this introductory description.

So, shall we start? We’re here to welcome you to our Low Cost Glasses collection of tortoiseshell specs for the female visage. And whilst we say for the female visage, whatever visage you find yourself showcasing, we’re pretty sure we’ve got a frame that will change your life forever.

We’re talking wide, thick, rectangular frames for peering through and looking sickeningly intellectual, or we’ve got narrower rectangles for peering over. We’re talking big round frames and small round frames. We’ve even got brow bar frames for the ironic nerd finesse. Then we’ve got thick tortoiseshell arms with slender front rims, we’ve got the semi-rimless retro aesthetic to nail the Mad Men vibes. We’ve got it all, baby!

And when it comes to designers, prepare to be blown away. We’re talking kooky in Kangol, polished in Pink Ribbon, outrageously good in Oxydo, killing it in Michael Kors, ravishing in Oscar de la Renta, elite in Elite, keeping us guessing in Guess, marvellous in MarcJacobs – and that’s not all!

But look, it’s time for you to see for yourself. Get scrolling right away.

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