Women’s White Glasses

Let’s be straight about this. You’re here for one thing and one thing only. A look that’s steeped in most dramatic irony. You’re here for the clinical look with the fashion week vibes; the startup founder finesse with the Devil Wears Prada energy. And let us tell you, you’re in quite the right place. Our Low Cost Glasses white frame specs for women are a triumph of monochrome. You’ll be laughing through the checkout faster than you can say Cruella de Ville.

Shall we get started? We’ve got fabulous full frames in big and bold rectangles, narrow rectangles, small round specs, massive round specs, square and heavy specs, rimless specs with powder-white arms for the seriously barely there aesthetic. Then we’ve got the semi-rimless classics for the retro (and yet ironically so) finesse.

Then when it comes to designers, prepare to be amazed and enthralled. We’re talking the big names like ravishing in Oscar de la Renta, marvellous in Marc Jacobs, absolutely gorgeous in Alexander McQueen, timeless in Timberland, keeping us guessing in Guess, kooky in Kangol, cool in Kookai, fierce in Fendi, wangling our attention in Vera Wang, to die for in Dior, giving us more in Givenchy, crazy good in Michael Kors. We’ve got all you could dream of and more!

So, are you ready to get scrolling? We should probably mention here that the prices are so tantalisingly low cost that if you don’t start scrolling right this moment, it will be your loss, sista. And you don’t want that.

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