Women’s Yellow Glasses

Let us tell you this, there ain’t no sunshine without our Low Cost Glasses yellow specs for women. It won’t be warm when they’re away from your gorgeous visage – and if you’re always gone too long, well. there just won’t be any sunshine left at all.

Know what we mean? Perhaps not even Bill Withers knows what we’re warbling on about at this point, but we’ll continue on, undeterred. Are you ready to hear what our sunshine yellow collection of glasses has to offer you? We’ll start with the shapes, shall we? We’ve got wide frame rectangles, narrow rectangles for peering over, we’ve got wide and heavy rim squares for a look that’s steeped in irony, we’ve got round frames, rimless frames with gorgeous yellow arms, we’ve got semi-rimless specs for the retro finesse that you know you deserve.

And when it comes to the type of yellow, we’re certainly not just talking your standard Windows Paint shade. Oh no. We’re talking beiges, amber, creamy butter yellow, of course sunshine yellow, crystal yellow, yellow arms and contrasting front frames, two-tones, ambres, we’ve got it all and more!

And then the designers that we have on offer are the likes of Emporio Armani, Tokyo Tom (for the minimalist Japanese aesthetic), Kangol, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent… Look, you’re not here for a list of designers that you know and love. You’re here to find yourself some specs, so don’t you think it’s time you did just that? We’ll meet you in the virtual try on, sista.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.