Women’s Oval Glasses

Folks always forget about the humble oval. Is it a chilled out rectangle or a more serious circle? It’s a question as old as time itself. And whilst we can’t answer that right here, we think we can do one thing better. We’re here to showcase our fabulous and wonderful oval-shaped glasses. Get this, they’re ultra-stylish, low-cost and all that’s in between.

Ready to hear more? Well, with almost 100 pairs of specs to peruse through, we certainly hope that you are! We’ve got brands and designers for absolutely days. We’re talking bold in Baseline, punchy in Party Eyes, kooky in Kookai, frosty like a slush puppy in Iceberg, edgy in Elite, keep us guessing in Guess, so rad in Oscar de la Renta, marvellous in Marc Jacobs, wangle the crowd in Vera Wang – and even more than that!

But as we said, we’ve got a lot of specs to describe to you so we’ll move on swiftly. When in comes to colours, we’ve got a bag of sweets of a selection. (If that metaphor didn’t make sense to you, we’d appreciate it if you moved past it without comment…) We’re talking pink to make the crowd blink, gold good enough for King Midas, earthy and green for the Mother Earth is my homegirl vibe, sultry in silver, sombre in black and navy and brown so warm and dark that you pronounce it ‘brun’. But it’s not just block colours that we have.

Oh no, we’re talking leopard print edges, crystal finesse, tortoiseshell, cut-outs, barely-there rimless specs with colour-pop arms. It’s the whole darned works!

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.