Women’s Round Glasses

Feeling like you’re going round and round in circles when it comes to looking for a pair of specs? We get it. It’s because you need a very specific selection to trawl through. You’re not a ‘Browse All’ kind of gal. Oh no. You’re here for a reason. You’ve identified the Low Cost Glasses round spectacles as something that you want to be a part of; as something that could change your life forever…

OK, forever might be a bit much, but they’ll for sure change your aesthetic, which in turn will change your life. So, want to know more? Obviously you must do. Let’s start with the colours, shall we? First and foremost, can we just say THE SHADE OF IT ALL! We’ve got the works. From ravishing rouge to intellectual and interesting tortoiseshell, to edgy mottled beige and even edgier mottled pink. Then we’ve got orange and blue mixes, dark and stormy greys, popping purples and sultry mauves. We’ve got monochrome in powder white and sooty black. We’ve got clear, we’ve got burnt orange for crying out loud!

Then the styles. Whether you’re into the Mad Men semi-rimless look or the barely there totally rimless look, we’re here to sort you out. Then we’ve got the full frame statement specs, or full frame slender nifters. And, yikes, we totally forgot to name drop the designers! We’re talking marvellous in Marc Jacobs, elegant in Elite, dreamy in Yves Saint Laurent, made up in Alexander McQueen, absolutely devastating in Emporio Armani, keep ‘em guessing in Guess

Look, it’s everything that you could want and dream of. Get scrolling to have a proper nosey.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.