Women’s Square Glasses

You’re looking for edgy, whether that means literally or figuratively. On this, you’re not fussy. Where possible, you try to be as edgy as you can. Whether this is matching garms like hot pants and a top hat, fishing hats with socks and sandals (which is steeped in irony), a party dress with biker boots and a decorative umbrella. Whatever the look, you know you can serve it hot enough to transform it into a lewk. So, how do you find yourself here, you wonder?

Well, of course it’s because you match your style not just with fierce coolness but with hotter than hot prices as well.

So, ready to hear what we have on offer? We’ve got the biggest names in the world of specs – from Party Eyes to Marc Jacobs to cool in Kangol to keeping us guessing in Guess, to vivacious in Versace to lovely in Yves Saint Laurent to kooky in Kookai and more!

Then when we say square, we mean big and dramatic in thick-rimmed frames, we mean slender and gorgeous and retro in that 70s vibe look. And then the colours are to die for as well. Ravishing in red, cool and fresh in grassy green, ocean deep in blue, sunshine bright in yellow, sultry and dark in monochrome, effortlessly cool and frosty in crystal nifters – and much much more!

Go on. Take a gander. You want to see for yourself at this point, surely. Oh, and did we mention that you won’t pay more than £20 for these? Ha! Our mistake. We should have led with that – although we stand by our edgy as a square preamble…

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.