Women’s Frame Materials

Are you living in a material world because you’re a material girl? Well, sista, you’re in the right place. Welcome welcome welcome to our Low Cost Glasses materials page for female visage specs. Now, of course, our specs are for all so if you find yourself here thinking, “Oh heck, I don’t have a female visage!” then please don’t fret. It’s a guideline and absolutely no more.

We suppose you want to know what glasses materials even mean? Well we’re here to dish out the knowledge and know-how. We’ve basically got three fabulous materials to choose from. Titanium for the sturdy, durable specs. These are perfect if you’re either incredibly accident prone or if you’re living yourself a life packed with activity. They’ll never stray from your gorgeous face.

Then we’ve got metallic specs. These are your classic vintage-look or slender and slinky aesthetic. They’re perfect if you’re wearing specs to, like most of us, appear more intellectual. We’ve got them in Party Eyes, Brink Couture, Kangol (oof so cool), Tokyo Tom and many many more!

And then finally, we’ve got the one we’re all talking about. The plastic fantastic fabulous specs. These are the ones you want if you’re looking to cause a splash. And this is in a plethora of shades and colours. From purple to pink to make the crowd blink, from green to blue to make them scream “I do!”, then from brown to black and white to make your fans fight (over you and how wonderful you are). We’ve honestly got it all.

And of course, the price goes without saying. It’s a triumph of high-quality meets terrific bargain energy. Go on. Get scrolling right away.

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