Women’s Metal Glasses

Imagine this. You’re looking for a pair of specs that mirrors your gorgeous, vintage aesthetic. We’re talking sitting, reading your copy of Jane Eyre and peering through the pages in a glistening, golden pair of specs. We’re talking gold like the goose that laid the golden egg, or maybe you prefer silver like the spoon you know you deserve to enjoy every meal with. Maybe you’re a modern kind of Jane Eyre reader and you’re into jazzy coloured metals?

Whatever you’re into, you’re in the right place. Welcome to our Low Cost Glasses page for women’s metal glasses. Now sure, if you find yourself without a female visage, you may be poised to navigate away from here but we beg you. Stop. Our specs are for all and we encourage you to break the mould. So go on. Keep reading, pal.

We’ve got a tantalising selection of frames for you to peruse.  Of course we’ve got your standard gold, silver and bronze to look through, but we’re also boasting a bold burnt orange, ravishing reds, cool dusty pinks, popping purples, teal and aqua (remember the colour aqua?), tortoiseshell, fuschia, patterned sides, bejewelled sides, cut grass green, navy blue, ocean blue, the works!

And that’s not even going into the shapes. We’re talking big, wide rectangles, narrow rectangles, teeny tiny round specs, big and brash round specs, solid squares, oversized ovals, narrow ovals for peering over, cat eyes, aviators. And that’s in rimless, semi-rimless and full frame specs!

Don’t you think it’s time you started scrolling through yourself?

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