Women’s Plastic Glasses

The Plastics are your vibe. The whole Regina George energy is literally what you live for. And you’re not ashamed. Why be real when you could be 100% plastic fantastic and loving it? No reason at all in our books. And that’s exactly how you find yourself perusing our Low Cost Glasses plastic frames for women.

Now of course, these are for all so don’t feel deterred if you’re without a female visage. We’re certain that we have a pair of specs that will change your life.

We’re going to start big by name dropping our super-hot brands and designers. We’ve got crazy in Kangol, brilliant in Brink Couture, vivacious in Versace, wanglingly good in Vera Wang, lush is Yves Saint Laurent, marvellous in Marc Jacobs and in Alexander McQueen, soulful in Sacred, perfect in Pink Ribbon, gorgeous in Guess, gallant in Gant, ravishing in Oscar de la Renta – and even more than this!

But let’s move on swiftly. We’ve only got so many words to convince you in. When it comes to colours, we’re talking a taste the rainbow level of selection. Like from gummy sweet red to gorgeous ocean blue, then green so grassy you’ll mistake yourself for one frolicking through fields, then we’ve got sunshine yellow and burnt orange, candyfloss pink and sultry in black and marvellous in monochrome and two-tones and patterns and tortoiseshell and ambres. We’ve got it all for you!

Go on. Get that plastic living energy right here, right now. For these prices, you’ll be laughing all the way from the virtual try on to the checkout. Trust us.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.