Women’s Titanium Glasses

You’re a gal on the move. When it comes to transport, your preferred means are cycling and running – and it doesn’t matter the distance. To a wedding, you do a casual triathlon to arrive on time, changing into your glad rags at the last minute. To a job interview, you’ll cycle miles across the city to clear your head. What can you say? It’s just who you are.

But when it comes to your vision, you’re not after an average pair of specs. Oh no. You’re not here for fash-un. You’re here for functionality. If it happens to also be a fierce lewk, that’s just a happy coincidence. Well, friend, you’re in exactly the right place. Our Low Cost Glasses titanium frames for women are just what you’ve been waiting for. They’re durable, sturdy and, if we do say so ourselves, utterly fabulous.

Brought to you by the brand Titanium (honestly, you couldn’t make this up), we have a minimalist collection. Fewer than 10 frames but that all really pack a punch. And we’re talking far more than your standard black or grey rim specs. Oh no. We’ve got your back in powder pink, glossy in golden, silver, burgundy. We’ve got the works!

And when it comes to the shape, this collection is all about the understated rectangle. The narrow rectangles that are perfect for peering through when you’re on one of your activity splurges. We’ve got them in patterned sides, bejewelled sides, cut out sides and more.

Hey, why don’t you just take a look? They really are a wonder to behold.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.