Men’s Frame Colours

Say there, folks, are you looking for a grand selection of specs for tantalisingly good prices? Then you’re in the right place. But that’s not all. You also want an impressive selection of colour, shades and styles. What’s that you say? Can we provide that too? But of course! And all designed specifically for the male visage (although feel free to ignore that if you want to – we’re not here to discriminate.)

Here’s what we have. We’ve got bright popping reds, even brighter vivacious violets, gorgeous greens and sunshine yellows, sombre monochromes in black, white and grey, two-tones, cut out patterns, candy stripes, polkadots, inky blues, ocean blues, baby blues, dusty pinks, hot pinks, bright fiery orange, geek chic tortoiseshell, matte glossy, frosty, crystal. It’s the works, and absolutely no less!

But wait, maybe you’re not convinced yet. So we’ll do a bit of name dropping. Get crazy in Carrera, bold in Brink, kicking it in Kangol, premium in Premium, marvellous in Marc Jacobs, tantalisingly good in Timberland, daring in Dunlop, elite in Elite, outrageously fancy in Oxydo, a veritable feast in Versace. Surely you’ve heard enough now?

Still no? OK, we can hit you up with the shapes. Get retro in aviators, sombre and sensible in rectangles, vintage in delicate ovals, modern and marvellous in thick frame statement specs, slender arms and heavy fronts, slender fronts and big, patterned arms. Then we’ve got big round nifters, small, round, geek chic sensations. Whatever you fancy, we wager you could take a look and find what your face has been waiting for.

Go on. Check it out. We’ll meet you at the virtual try on when you’re ready.

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