Men’s Blue Glasses

Feeling blue as the deep ocean floor? Of course you’re not. Not yet anyway. That’s too complex a metaphor for anyone to feel off the cuff. But once you’ve had a peep at our Low Cost Glasses blue selection of specs designed for the male visage (what a darned mouthful!), you’ll never look back from the pretentious metaphors. You’ll be describing yourself as blue as the great ether above, blue as your feelings when you run out of gravy, blue as a blue raspberry slush puppy – and that’s some serious shade right there.

Anyway, where were we? Let’s start with the shades of blue that we have on offer. We’ve got so much more than your navy and powder blues. We’re talking blue and clementine orange, metallic navy, electric blue arms and sky blue inner rims, blue stripes, blue tortoiseshell, mottled blue, marbled blue, crystal blue, teal, almost violet blue. It’s a veritable feast of shade and colour.

But that’s not even name dropping the designers. And be under no delusion – we are not beyond shameless name dropping. We’ve got Marc Jacobs, Oxydo, Timberland, Versace, Elite, Nord Lite, Alexander McQueen, Hugo Boss – the works!

Wondering what shapes this plethora or gorgeous description could possibly be squeezed into? Wonder no more. We’ve got ‘em all! Big sexy rectangles, even bigger geek chic squares, sensible ovals, intriguing ovals (oh my!), nerdy (in an ironic way) round specs, narrower than narrow rectangles, big brow bars, aviators, rimless nifters, semi-rimless Mad Men aesthetic frames. It’s EVERYTHING. Oh, and the prices are so good, you’ll eat your hat.

Seriously, you will. We’re already a bucket hat down.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.