Men’s Brown Glasses

Know when you’re so sultry that you don’t pronounce it brown, you say ‘brun’? Well that’s where you’ll be when you get to seeing our Low Cost glasses brown collection for men. Obviously when we say for men, we mean they’re designed for the gorgeous male visage, but if you like ‘em, go grab ‘em, folks. We’re not here to discriminate – and that’s a fact.

OK, enough of the preamble. Want to know what it is that we have under our belt? If you must know, and you must, it’s almost 100 pairs of timeless specs for you to peruse through. From warm brown like mahogany to wood-look specs with oaken streaks slashed through. Then we’ve got cool, frosty browns in crystal finishes. How about matte brown fronts with glossy arms. We’ve got brown and black, the ultimate sombre mix, gold and brown, brown and sunshine yellow, and of course your trusty tortoiseshell. In fact, let’s focus on tortoiseshell for a moment. If you’re not into the full librarian chic aesthetic, that’s all good. You can go for a fleck of tortoiseshell finesse on the arms only, or maybe just tortoiseshell corners. The choice is yours, friend!

In terms of the shapes, we’ve got big, bold and daring squares; narrow, slender and darling rectangles; big, round nifters for the boy who lived finesse; narrow ovals to peer over, ma-hoosive ovals to glare behind, funky brow bars to add a little bit of je ne sais quoi, rimless rectangles, sweet mother of pearl, we’ve even got pentagons at your disposal!

Go on. Have a scroll through. You should see it all for yourself.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.