Men’s Gold Glasses

Are you GOLD *whispers* gold – and do you always believe in your soul because you have the power to know that you’re indestructible…

We think you’ll agree, that was both a powerful and stirring open. We’re of course quoting Spandau Ballet to introduce our Low Cost Glasses men’s gold collection of specs. They are indeed indestructible (disclaimer: that is in no way a guarantee) and fabulous and everything that your glorious visage has been waiting for.

If you’re into the more slender, understated frame, these are most definitely for you. Wide they may be but thick and clunky they are not. In such designers and brands as Yves Saint Laurent, trusty Timberland, damn good in Dunlop, Kangol, Tokyo Tom, Marc Jacobs and more, we bring to you a celebration of all that glitters is golden. A SPEC-tacular affair will be evoked the moment you get even one of the frames atop your face. From golden frames to glittering, glossy gold arms, we’ve got an extensive collection for you to choose from.

Are you into wide frame rectangles? How about the whole boy who lived aesthetic in round frame nifters? Maybe aviators are your thing – keeping it all a bit 70s. Or maybe just the classic vintage oval frame which is bookish to the max. We’ve got square frames if your style is steeped in timeless irony. Maybe you’re up for a sensible narrow rectangle that’s all the better for peering with.

Whatever the aesthetic you choose, don’t forget that the price is something that can’t be argued with. It’s a triumph! A gorgeous tragedy. It’s everything and nothing all at once. OK, it’s clear the excitement is getting to our heads and we’re losing all sense at all. Put us out of our misery and get scrolling, won’t you?

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.