Men’s Grey Glasses

Sometimes the dark and stormy night is the aesthetic what you really want to serve. And who can blame you? A strapping gent such as yourself – it’s an ideal vibe to make your hoards of fans and adoring admirers see exactly what you’re about. You’re about the dramatics, the stoic finesse, and our Low Cost Glasses grey collection for men are exactly the accessory you indeed to complete your look.

But can we say, when we say grey, we don’t mean your standard metallic gunmetal grey. Oh no. We have the standard look, sure, but our collection is so much more than that. Are you into the mottled look with thick rims and full frames? We’ve got it. How about the slender look in matte front rims, contrasting inside rims and thick and dramatic arms? Guilty! We’ve got that too. What about the slender arms, crystal, glossy fronts that are thick-rimmed and gorgeous? Look, there’s no point questioning. Whatever you fancy in grey – from dark and stormy to delicate and metallic to cut-out and edgy, we’ve got the whole darned canon of them!

So, we suppose you’re wondering about shape next? Well, sorry for the lack of suspense but we’ve got the whole collection. From wide and edgy squares to cute and nerdy (in a chic way) round frames, then we’ve got semi-rimless, barely there rimless specs with grey arms, big, thick framed ovals with dramatic finesse, we’ve got wide, rectangular, metallic frames that are sombre and sensible, it’s everything that your wildest dreams could conjure! (If you dream in grey, that is…)

And finally, the price and the designers? Actually, we’ve revealed enough, you tease. Get a’scrolling and you can see for yourself!

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.