Men’s Purple Glasses

We know what you’re thinking. You’ve always thought that Purple Rain was your song, your cocktail (which if you’ve never tried the purple rain cocktail, you’ve not lived!), your life’s true vibe. The drama, the sensation, the shade of it all! And so when it comes to your specs, it was a no brainer really. It was purple or literally nothing. Which is a bold thing to pronounce as when you need to wear glasses, it’s a kind of to see or not to see situation. Know what we’re saying?

Anyway, whether you do or not, it matters not to us. Here at Low Cost Glasses, we’re here to hard sell you the dream. The Purple Rain fantasy expressed in gorgeous frames and not-so-gorgeous imagery. Here goes: when it comes to colours, we’ve got not just the colour purple, but so much more than that. We’re talking dark purple, light purple, popping violet, sombre mauve, we’ve got iridescent purple for Pete’s sake! Then there are two-tones, purple ambres, crystal purple, frosty purple, the works, dear friend.

And the shapes are an equal display of loveliness. Think narrow rectangular nifters for peering over, wide rectangles for peering into, big, wide, round frames for the edgy (which is ironic because circles have no edges) vibe or slender frame squares for the geek chic finish. Then we’ve got metallic sensations, tortoiseshell edges, cut out edges, more! But to give away everything in the description would be wrong, don’t you think?

The last thing we’ll tell you about the price. They’re only the most handsomely priced specs for the highest quality and most desirable designers that you’ll find on the market. Fact. (Although maybe we’re biased.) Take a look now and come to your own conclusion.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.