Men’s Red Glasses

Say, hello, you red devil you. That’s how you’ll be greeted, we’re quite certain, when people see you prancing around in our fabulous Low Cost Glasses red frame collection for men. But wait, you think to yourself. You’ve never pranced in your life! But that’s the thing exactly. It’s because you’ve not had the advantage of fearsome and slay-worthy specs atop your ravishing visage before. Once you’ve got that much sorted, you’ll be prancing from here to the checkout, to the supermarket, to your Monday meetings. It will basically be your new mode of transport. And who doesn’t want that, ey?

Let’s bring this picture together a bit further for you. First and foremost, the price of our collection is to die for. You’ll pay no more than £60 (oh yeah, double figures, baby) and some are as low as £10! A dream. Ready for the naughty details? Ha! You were born ready.

In terms of the shades, we’re talking bright and popping red, sultry dark red like a fine wine, sophisticated crystal red that will leave your swooning fans begging for more, red ambres, mottled reds and dusty neutrals, metallic reds, blood red (ooft – dark), juicy tomato red, burnt orange, two tones, red and black (that’s better than the chocolate) and so much more!

And my oh my, the shapes are even more glorious. Wide square frames with thick rims to command attention, vintage semi-rimless specs for the kitsch finish, slender metallic frames in a wide rectangle, narrow rectangular frames for sass and peering over, geek chic round frames but that are steeped in fashion-forward irony. At this point, you might as well take a gander yourself. There’s no more we can give! We’re spent.

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