Men’s Tortoise Glasses

Welcome to the Low Cost Glasses page for men looking for glorious tortoiseshell specs. Now, don’t be alarmed by this but we were expecting you. We just knew that you’d find us here. And why not? We’ve got an enviable selection of tortoiseshell specs for even more enviable prices. We’re talking no more than £125, some as low cost as just £30!

Well, you simply can’t argue with that. Especially when you hear that we have boss designers like Hugo Boss, careless in Carrera, marvellous in Marc Jacobs, even more marvellous in Alexander McQueen, gorgeous in Guess, specs to keep you guessing in Gant, elite in Elite, outrageously chic in Oxydo, devilish in Dunlop, killing it in Kangol – and so much more!

And by the way, when we say tortoiseshell, we’re not just talking about your standard warm browns and powdery neutrals. Oh no. We’re talking popping yellows and fiery amber, glistening blues, dusty pinks, tortoiseshell inserts, tortoiseshell arms, two-tone tortoiseshell front frames and contrasting inner rimes, we’ve got it all! Whatever your style and whatever your complexion, we’ve got a pair that will give your visage the pizazz you know it deserves.

And then the shapes! We’ve got your standard geek chic round frames, then the deeply ironic square frames, some big, statement thick frames, then some slender rectangles, some even more slender ovals, we’ve got semi-rimless numbers, we’ve got rimless specs with tortoiseshell arms for the barely there finesse! To be honest, you’ll be tripping with finesse all the way to the checkout. So, are you ready to see what all the fuss is about? Of course you are. We’ll see you on the other side, fella.

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