Men’s Frame Shapes

Not really sure what you’re after? That’s ok. Websites are made for browsing, right? But what’s important to remember is that the shape of your wonderful visage should help inform the decision of your chosen specs. Already know this? Of course you do. Who are we to patronise you, our browser extraordinaire? Just a lowly Low Cost Glasses provider…

Oh who are we kidding? We’re the absolute bees knees! Let’s quit the preamble and get straight into the all-important details. We’ve got myriads of options. Gorgeous ovals, geek-chic squares, sombre rectangles, edgy (which is ironic because there are actually no edges) circles, pentagrams, octagons, more! But we get it. You want to know what kind of shapes these shapes are. Well, your wish is our command.

We’ve got thick frames squares, slender frame ovals, the rimless barely-there style rectangular frames, the semi-rimless round Mad Med aesthetic frame. How about we mix it up. Wide, heavy rectangular frames for the office meeting or even the office part-ay. Slender, wider than wide frames, narrow crystal frames, two-tone square frames, thick, round tortoiseshell nifters, fiery amber rectangular sensations, monochrome (in white and black) round frames, rectangles, ovals – the works! And we’ve not even mentioned the designers we have for you.

Well, brace yourself for this segment of fierce wordplay: ‘cor blimey he’s cool’ in Kangol, bold in Bench, popping in Party Eyes, daring in Dunlop, fabulous in Fendi, outrageously god in Oxydo, bossing it up in Hugo Boss, tantalisingly good in Timberland. And much more! Go on. You’ve heard enough now, surely. Get scrolling immediately.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.