Men’s Oval Glasses

What doesn’t look good in oval? Sure, maybe it’s something that you’ve never thought about but we say it’s worth a ponder. It’s THE shape to go for if you want to nail the vintage lewk. Whether that’s a wide oval, a narrower than narrow oval or just the regular-sized oval spec that we’ve seen throughout the history of glasses. They’re the shape to give you the Sigmund Freud finesse, the 90s investigative reporter chic – it’s a timeless classic if ever there was one.

But you’re not here for vague, sweeping statements about oval glasses. You want to know the specifics of what we have on offer at Low Cost Glasses. And, fella – your wish is our command.

Let’s talk colours. We’ve got sultry and shiny in silver, gorgeous and gallant in gold, boisterous in bronze (although on reflection, boisterous is absolutely not the right choice of words). We’ve got marvellous in monochrome, so cool as ice that it’s frosty in crystal, popping in purple, rad in red, blooming marvellous in blue, fresh like a minty forest in green. And that’s not even the half of it!

Then we’ve got designers for days. Keep ‘em guessing in Guess, elite in Elite, premium in Premium (sure, this wordplay isn’t our most imaginative – we’ll up the ante), mighty fancy in Marc Jacobs, terribly sultry in Timberland, lush in Yves Saint Laurent. And at these prices, you’ll be absolutely astounded. Nothing more than £100 – and some as low as £10! Yikes, what a bargain. Go on. Give us a go. Start your life of oval living right here, right now.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.