Men’s Rectangle Glasses

So you’ve been told to not be so square. But you don’t think that you’re that at all. You’re forever trying to break the mould; to colour outside the lines; to find the latest cutting edge things to showcase! So what if you do it within the constraints or accepted behaviour and regulation? Do you, pal.

And do you know what? We’ve got exactly what you need to prove them all wrong. Haters gon’ hate – but just wait until they see what you have under your belt. (Sweet mother of pearl, not literally.) Two words. Rectangular glasses. Ha! Who’s square now, ey?

We’ve got slender frames, thick statement frames, barely there rimless frames, gorgeously retro semi-rimless frames, crystal neutral tones, coloured crystal tones, rounded rectangle brow bar frames, aviator frames, big vintage 70s gold slim frames, narrower than narrow frames for peering over. It’s an absolute plethora of a collection.

But that’s not all. We’ve got designers and brands to wash the floor with all else! Think Kangol (oof – too cool), Alexander McQueen, Oxydo, baby! How about Versace or Vera Wang, Urbn West and Dunlop, Carrera and Timberland – and that’s a mere slice of the collection!

Shall we discuss the colours? You betcha. From bright sunshine yellow to sombre glossy navy, popping in purple and bold in dark pink (for only the classiest of fellas). Then we’ve got mighty in monochrome, tantalising in two-tone, even more tantalising in tortoiseshell, brilliant in brown, gorgeous in gold, sexy in silver, brooding in bronze. We’ve got the absolute stonking works! Ready to bag yourself a bargain? You were born ready. We’ll meet you at the checkout, daah-ling.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.