Men’s Frame Materials

You don’t think of yourself into pointless material things but when it comes to actual materials, you’re something of a snob. And you know what, we’re here for it. Never lower your standards for anyone, anything. Just do you, son.

Now, what has this pep talk got to do with our Low Cost Glasses men’s material collection? Well we think we’ve just answered that question for you. We’re celebrating the materials right here, right now and they’re all available for your perusal! Shoot us down but we won’t fall because we’re ti-ta-ni-uuummmm. You know what we’re saying. Our titanium collection of specs are for the folks on the move. There’s no time to be messing around with the other materials. You’re here for durability and that’s exactly what our titanium nifters deliver.

But maybe you’re more of a plastic fantastic chap. The kind of big pattern, bold statement aesthetic. And let us tell you, we have plastic fantastic in a cornucopia of colours and shades. Whether it’s wide frame ovals, semi-rimless vintage aviators, narrow peering-over rectangles, the boy who lived small round frames, we’ve got it all!

And finally, we’ve got the metallics. You know, your golds, your silvers, your gunmetal greys and your bronze delights. And don’t be fooled by the smaller samples of colours. These are the perfect, delicate addition to your wondrous visage. We’ve got metallic frames in wide, in narrow, in regular widths, cat eyes – it’s truly all you could ask for.

Oh and the brands, designers and tantalisingly low cost prices? You’ll have to see for yourself. We’ll see you at the virtual try on.

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