Men’s Plastic Glasses

Let’s just say it. Plastic fantastic is king, queen, emperor, diva and hustler. It’s the one of all the materials that offers a combination of durability and gorgeous versatility. Looking for a pair of specs that are patterned with mottled fiery orange and amber? Look no further. We’ve got it in our plastic fantastic frames. Whatever shape, pattern, size or brand you’re after, we’d eat our hat if we don’t have it. (Which of course you could never test because we’re no more than a formless marketing voice that exists exclusively on the pages of the Low Cost Glasses website. Take our word for it, yeah?)

To start from the top, we’re going to go through the colours that we have for you. From ravishing in red to popping in purple to the deepest of deep ocean blue to sunshine yellow and fresh grass green. We’ve got silvers, tortoiseshell, golds, polka dots, stripes, mottled designs, marble-look sensations. It’s the works! And then how about the shapes? If you’re into aviators, we can oblige. How about narrow rectangles or wide rectangles or rounder than round Harry Potter-type specs? We’ve got em, mate. We’ve even got brow bars, semi-rimless vintage-look nifters, rimless narrow frames, rimless wide frames. It’s all you could ever desire!

And finally, let’s get the name dropping out of the way. We’re not messing around here. We’re talking the big names like Versace, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Kangol, Dunlop, Timberland, Tokyo Tom, and more! Wait, you want more? Well, ok. Wangle their attention in Vera Wang, boss it in Hugo Boss, go OTT in Oscar de la Renta. Do whatever you so please!

Oh, and did we mention the price? Well, no need to dance around the topic. They’re bargains so handsome that you’ll be racing to the checkout with your buy one get one free deals. So go on. Don’t let us hold you back.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.