Men’s Titanium Glasses

You’re no one minute man. Heck no – you’re here for longevity, durability. And that’s why when it comes to specs, there’s only one material for you. It’s titanium, baby! And who can blame you? No other material boasts the sturdiness, the hardiness or the finesse of titanium.

You’re not looking for specs that are just for putting on when you need to look intellectual. This is the real deal. You need them for sight and to help accessorise your active lifestyle. So, ready to hear what we have to offer you? Of course you are. Let’s get cracking. (Get the pun? Cracking? Because titanium is sturdy… ANYWHO.)

When it comes to the brands and designers, we’ve got the big names that you should know about. It’s Dunlop, Dunlop, Dunlop! Known for their ranges specifically for the active fella, our Low Cost Glasses titanium specs are the obvious choice. And all for an absolute bargain price, you’d be a fool not to go for them.

We’ve got colours for days, shapes for months and styles for millennia. We’re talking sultry darks in black, brown and burgundy for Pete’s sake. Then we’ve got more popping colours too. Purple, gold, flecks of fiery amber, marble grey, mottled grey, the works! And we’ve got all of this and more in narrow rectangles, wide rectangles, super-retro aviators, vintage ovals, semi-rimless nifters, barely there rimless sensations too! It’s a plethora of choice – and all in gorgeous titanium. Go on. It’s time to get scrolling. You need to experience it all for yourself.

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