Men’s Varifocal Glasses & Frames

With over 400 frames, from over 30 brands, we have the perfect colour, shape, and style of frame for your new Verifocal glasses.Take your pick of frames from the likes of Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani, Calvin Klein, and Timberland to name just a few.

With the smoothest of transitions, varifocals quickly become a way of life. And that’s why we’ve teamed up with two of Europe’s leading lens manufacturer, Rodenstock and Signet Armorlite, for our innovative progressive lenses. With the power to correct flawed vision for both near and far all at the same time, Rodenstock and Signet Armorlite varifocals give you sharp vision whether you’re at your desk or taking in some breathtaking views. Starting from £59 £44 plus frame and free delivery.

Varifocals Benefits:

No visible lines, no one will know you have Varifocal lenses
Natural and comfortable vision
Only one pair of glasses to meet your needs

Most of the things you do can be split into three different viewing distances, it can become difficult when you have to wear two or even three pairs of glasses to see at these distances.

How do they work?

Varifocal lenses gradually change in power throughout the lens. You will just need to move your head to make sure what you are wanting to see is in focus. As it is a gradual change you will barely know it’s happening.

What are Varifocal lenses like to wear?

At the edges of the lens in a Varifocal there are areas of soft focus, much like how you see naturally that the centre of your vision is clearer than edges. For someone people this can take a week or two to get used to, others will not notice it at all.

What makes our Varifocal lenses great?

Here at Low Cost Glasses all our varifocal lenses are made using the latest lens technology (freeform) resulting in the widest area for reading and the smoothest transition of power from distance to reading. Our Varifocal lens design is the result of decades of innovation and design by one of Europe’s leading lens manufacturers providing clear sharp vision for all distances.

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