Glasses Frame Materials

So, who knew that glasses came in a bijillion different materials, hey? There you were thinking that it was metal or something that resembled sturdy plastic. (Or maybe that was just us…) But, oh no. Get your peepers over this. The Low Cost Glasses frame material collection

We’ve got three that we’d like to showcase. Let’s start with the metal frame. The perfect choice to nail that vintage or studious look. We’ve got over 500 styles to choose from so it’s worth you starting your browse right now. They’re a great choice if you’re specifically looking for a pair with nose pads. We’ve got round frames, rectangles frames, big square frames, narrow frames (for peering over) and all in a rainbow’s worth of colours. Do you fancy rimless? Semi-rimless? Full frames? Well we’ve got it all.

But are you not a metal frame kind of wearer? Say no more. Take a gander at our selection of plastic fantastic. This is a great material choice if you’re into the bold, heavy frames. Think Edna Mode from The Incredibles. And we’ve got far more than just the monochromes. Oh no. We have the full colour wheel explosion. Red, yellow, crystal, blue, green, orange, purple, pink, tortoiseshell, striped – the works!

But wait, did you just say you’re bulletproof with nothing to lose? We’ve got you, baby! You’re looking for our titanium collection, right? These frames are lightweight and feel like you’re wearing nothing (on your face). We’ve got them in half-rims, rimless, full frames, aviators, narrow rectangles, round frames.

Honestly, at this point, you should just look for yourself. Get scrolling immediately!

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