Metal Glasses

So, you’re into metal glasses? We hear you. You’re into durability. You’re not here to take the risk of your glasses getting bent – and we’re here for it. Or maybe you’re looking for that vintage, antique frame look. It’s a strong aesthetic for sure. Whatever your reasons, we’d like to cordially welcome you to the Low Cost Glasses metal frames page. We’re here for your scrolling pleasure.

But wait, you don’t care about introductions. You want to get into the details of what we have to offer, right? We don’t blame you.

In terms of designers, the metal collection is represented by all the big names. We’re talking donning it in Dunlop, making magic with Michael Kors, going for gold (literally – we have some darling gold frames) in Gant, keep the crowd guessing with Guess, feeling fabulous in Faberge. You get the idea.

Then we’ve got the colours and frame styles. Whether you’re looking for geek chic wide frames, Steve Jobs round frames, effortlessly cool aviators, cat eyes as bold as Joe Exotic, narrow rectangle frames for peering over, half-rims or the James Dean intellectual look, we’ve got it all! And then the colours – oh boy, what a choice we have for you. Eye-catching reds, suave navy and gunmetal grey, tech-chic (oh yeah, that’s a genre) crystal, bright yellows, sandy ambers, two-tone delights, trendy in tortoiseshell, fierce tiger and leopard print.

And all for less than 100 smackeroons! (In case it wasn’t clear, we mean less than £100.) So, ready to take a look yourself? We thought as much. See you on the other side.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.