Titanium Glasses

You know David Guetta? Well it’s our jam too. You can shoot us down but we won’t fall because we are TITA-NI-UMMMMMM. Know what we’re saying? OK, maybe you’ve got no idea what we’re on about and you’re hoping that we’ll just quit while we’re ahead (or behind) and get on with the description of our specs. And we’re with you to the end of the earth. Your wish is our command.

We’ve got a beautiful selection of frames, let us tell you. Whatever you dream, we’re pretty sure that we can deliver.

Narrow full-frames rectangles, narrow semi-rimless rectangles, brow-bar round aviators, brow-bar rectangular aviators, slim rectangles, ovals, standard round frames. You know the drill. Then when it comes to colours, we’re going to get antique up in here. (Has anyone uttered that line before? We suspect not.) Golds, silver, bronze, black and navy metallics. We’ve even got a dusty pink up our sleeve! And if you’re after a frame to look office-smart or ironically intellectual in unsuspecting places (you know, like a librarian at a rave aesthetic), then you’re sure to find something that you want in this delectable titanium line up.

In a selection of brands and designers, you’ll source out bargains you’d never dreamed could be a reality. Prices slashed, beautiful quality and remarkably affordable prices. And so much of our titanium collection is less than fifty smackeroonies! (£50 – if that wasn’t clear). You’d be a fool to not get scrolling right away. Go on. Have a look at how a titanium pair of specs could change your life forever…

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.