Sacred Glasses & Frames

Do you know what’s truly sacred? Walking into a room and having your loving fans pouring you with compliments and gratuitous attention, screaming, “Wow, you look incredible. So intellectual, funky, mysterious. Where are your glasses from?”

Surely that’s the kind of thing not even money could buy? Until today, friends. Until today. Get your blinkers turned to our Sacred collection of glasses. And yes, they are literally called Sacred. If that’s not a sign from the stylistic ether, we don’t know what is.

We present to you frames for any occasion: from the virtual meeting to the IRL meet-up, to the trip to the shopping mall to sitting on a train peering over a newspaper, pretending to read when you’re actually just people-watching. It’s a look, we’re sure of it. Anyway, we know what you’re thinking. What makes this collection so sacred? Well, for one, every frame is less than £40.

If you’re still reading and that wasn’t enough to tempt you, we salute you. You’re a tough crowd indeed. But prepare yourself. We’re not strangers to peacocking. Want to hear about the colours? Pfft. Of course you do. We’re talking your standard monochromes – black, grey, white – and then your standard metallicsgold, silver, bronze, gunmetal. You know the drill. Or do you? Then we’ve got popping purples, flashy fuchsia, understated beige, cut-glass crystal, two-tones, baby blue, head-turning reds, electric tortoiseshell and more!

And that’s not even mentioning the shapes. Oh, what a catalogue! Squares, soft rectangles, narrow frames, wide frames, round frames, cat eyed frames, half rims, rimless. We could go on, but we’re ready to let the collection do the talking.

Get scrolling. We command it!

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