Lens Coatings

Lens coatings are the finish on your lenses, so this is how you turn your standard glasses into sunglasses if you wish, amongst other things. Take a look at the options:


These are your industry standard, clear scratch-resistant lenses.


These reduce distracting reflections on your lenses, thereby increasing the viewing clarity and appearance of your glasses. They’ll also reduce halo effects caused by artificial lighting or car headlights.

Light Reactive

These lenses react to UV light, so they’ll change with the brightness of your outdoor surroundings – tinting in sunlight and clearing in low sunlight.


These lenses reduce the intensity of shiny surfaces like light bouncing from the surface of water or snow. They’re particularly useful in the winter months, as the sun hangs low in the sky. This option will tint your lenses, so it’s available in grey or brown.


These change the colour of the lenses, and with it your perspective. The grey tint intensifies blues, the brown tint offers a warmer sepia tone, and green was originally designed for pilots to better distinguish features in their environment, so it offers the most neutral tone. Available in a variety of tint depths.


These are exactly what they sound like. These lenses will reflect the world in front while your eyes hide behind the lens. Very good for poker. Choose from three colours, though bear in mind as the wearer you will always look through a grey tinted lens.