Our Lens Packages & their details

Our Lens Packages 1

Our goal in this section is to provide you with information regarding the various lens packages we offer, explain the benefits of each lens type, and offer suggestions based on the strength of your prescription so that you get the most out of your new glasses. We offer a wide range of options to meet your needs and budget.

We offer basic single vision lenses with all our glasses as standard at Low Cost Glasses. There is no protective coating or thin lens option for these lenses. You can select this option by clicking on the ‘continue with basic lenses’ icon when selecting your lens package. Our lenses are all made of plastic, with the specific material corresponding to the chosen refractive index. If you prefer, you can upgrade to a great value lens package below.

Bronze – refractive index 1.50

Providing a scratch-resistant coating in our Bronze Package, we will protect your lenses from minor scratches caused by utilizing your shirt or tissue rather than the cleaning cloth provided for cleaning your lenses. There is no such thing as a scratch-proof lens coating, but with the Bronze Package, you will be able to protect your lenses from scratches a lot better. The Bronze Package is only available when ordered with our bifocal or varifocal lenses.

Silver – refractive index 1.56

With the Silver Package, the scratch-resistant properties of the Bronze Package are further enhanced by a broad-spectrum, anti-reflection coating. Overall, the Silver Package increases the reflectivity of the lens by approximately 15%.

As a result, the lens becomes more efficient and virtually eliminates unwanted reflections and glare as a result of the anti-reflection coating, reducing unwanted reflections to less than 1%. They are especially useful at night, when car headlights produce dazzling reflected glare.

Gold – refractive index 1.67

Gold Packages are approximately 30% thinner than Silver Packages, but still have similar scratch-resistance and anti-reflective properties. When your prescription exceeds +/- 2.75, you will receive the benefits of the Gold Package, which features a built-in UV400 coating that prevents harmful ultraviolet light from entering your eyes.

Because of their high resistance to breaking under tension, all of our rimless frames come with these lenses as standard. There are various options for the Gold package, including any of our sunglasses tints (except Graduated tints), Photochromic or Blue Block coatings, and varifocal and bifocal lenses.

Platinum – refractive index 1.74

Alternatively, we offer the Diamond package, which reduces thickness by approximately 44%, and comes with a scratch-resistant anti-reflection coating as with all our thin lens packages.

There are no tinted lenses available with the Diamond package, unfortunately. The Diamond package can only be ordered with fully-rimmed, full-rim frames and no tinted lenses are available online.